About Me

Trimar Construction and Trading is a specialty contractor with WATERPROOFING as its main business although it still catered to other scopes like : Retrofitting, Toilet Partition Systems, Painting works, electrical works, plumbing services, drywall partitions, STEEL WORKS, CIVIL WORKS, RENOVATIONS and VERTICAL CONSTRUCTION services.

Trimar Construction and Trading also markets and sells various product lines such as :
- Pioneer Concrete Epoxy and Sealants
- Pioneer Tile Adhesive (Heavy Duty)
- Nippon Paints & Coatings
- Skimcoat (water resistant)
- PVC & PPR Pipes and Fittings
- Electrical Supplies
- Construction Chemicals
- Anchoring Epoxy
- Waterproofing Materials
- Locksets/Doorknobs
- Abrasives
- Roofing Materials

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