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Are you on a quest for improved health and vitality it seems like daily we are bombarded with ads and prescription pills, nutritional supplements and statistics regarding the declining quality of health in the world it’s enough to scare you healthy? But how do you improve your health? Imagine that there were a secret to perfect health and all natural supplement for mental, physical and emotional health a formula for life. Would you want to know about it? Then stay tuned because you are about to experience LAMININE.

The research started over 80 years ago, the year was 1929, it was then that Canadian doctor John R. Davidson while doing research on the embryonic development of chickens discovered something amazing. He noticed that consistently by the 9th day of development of the embryo something happened, something dramatic the embryo would virtually triple in size nature was making the journey toward healthy development inevitable he isolated the compound begun injecting it to the tumors of his patients started seeing noticeable positive results and then in the midst of his research and success, he passed away. And in an age before the internet, computers and hard drives, his research passed away with him, lost forever. But then thousands of miles away and almost 50 years later a renowned Norwegian doctor and researcher stumbles upon the same discovery, he revived the research and isolated the compound from the fertilized avian egg embryo. This research became the foundation of the proprietary formula now known as laminine and the rest as they say is about to become history.

Featured on the award winning American health journal on PBS and now being experienced by thousands of people all across the world laminine has arrived. This unique proprietary formula gives the body full chain of 22 amino acids essential for cellular health and the results are amazing.

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