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ANDRADE BUILDERS is a group of Architects and Builders whose aim is to produce comfortable, breathable, accessible homes and offices WITHOUT the usual high-paying rates.

Our services include:
-PRE-DESIGN (planning and schematics),
-and POST CONSTRUCTION / Building Maintenance

Type of Projects:
-LAY-OUT Services (Architectural structures from ground up, such as: Residential, Office buildings, Apartments, Warehouses, and the like)
-FIT-OUT Services (Architectural interiors such as Condo units, Offices, Retail Shops, among others).

Big or small scale projects are welcome. Inquire now! Please visit our website for more details:

*We are an affiliate company of PHILKLEEN INDUSTRIES CORPORATION, the country’s leading Post-construction, Janitorial, and Building Maintenance providers.* For more information visit


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