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Asian Technicon Managers and Consultants, Inc. (ATMCI) was organized and incorporated in 1989. ATMCI is envisioned to be an answer to the call of the construction industry for an independent professional team that will act as the orchestrator among project participants: Owner/Developer, Designers, Specialist Consultants, Constructors and Suppliers, with the ATMCI providing leadership of a project. With years of working together as the nucleus of the Project Management Team of one of the top corporations in the Philippines, with domestic and overseas operations, the members of the Team formed a strong group that gave birth to Asian Technicon Managers and Consultants, Inc.

Services We Offer:
(From concept to completion)
-Project Initiation and Planning
-Design and Specifications Coordination
-Budget Estimates and Cost Planning
-Procedures and Systems
-Planning and Scheduling
-Contract Documents and Tender Evaluation
-Contract Administration
-Procurement and Expediting
-Cost Administration and Control
-Construction Supervision and Management
-Cost Administration and Ancillary Services
-Final Report
-Start-up and Commissioning Assistance


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