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BRG Integrated Cabling Services is a spin off company of Accurate & Creative Technology Systems,
Inc. (ACT Sys), one of the pioneer Systems Integrators in the Philippines spearheaded by Mr. Benedicto
R. Gallardo, who previously had more than twenty years or so of fruitful work experiences with other
prominent IT companies. Since this new economic order is driven by computer technology, internet
access and others, additional voice to articulate its advantages can surely enhance the country’s standing
on the global information highway, leading to technological savvy and competitiveness.
The company sees its contribution to this end by providing a robust yet flexible design for the most
basic and most important aspect of any network environment – the cabling infrastructure. We are
proudly committed to provide solutions our clients deserve in terms of expertise, quality service at a
price affordable to most Filipino business enterprises or institutions, particularly the small and medium
sized ones. Hence, the birth of the company


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