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Brills Marketing Corporation, a highly reliable distribution company in the Philippines, has been distributing VECTOR products since 2000 as one of its flagship brands. Over the years VECTOR has received market reputation as one of the leading and premium brands in household and exhaust systems. It has been widely-used with success by industries such as hospitality, hospital, restaurants, schools and manufacturing companies. For the household market, VECTOR has been a top choice for home exhaust system for its top quality materials, efficient energy consumption and dependable and highly competent service support group.

Because of this market advantage, Brills Marketing Corp. added new products under the VECTOR brand that includes:

 Air Curtain Fan – a device used to prevent air or contaminants from moving from one open space to another especially when such spaces are conditioned at different temperatures

 Household and Industrial Stand / Drum Fan – powerful fans that has capacity to move air and cool very large areas

 Storage Water Heater – water heating appliance that provides supply of hot water

 Water Heater, single or multi point – provides instantaneous supply of hot water


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