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TRIMAR CONSTRUCTION AND TRADING is a professional painting contractor based in Cebu City. Trimar can do painting works in residential houses, commercial buildings, industrial plants, warehouses or any establishments.


Trimar uses top of the line painting materials like NIPPON PAINTS which is the No. 1 Paint manufacturer in Southeast Asia. Nippon Paints has a coverage of 1 Liter = 13 sqm (1 coat) which means more hiding power than any other paint brands.

Nippon Paints has more than 3,200 colors to choose from and has a high accurate color creation (PAINT MIXING) using the computerized ” COLOR CREATION MACHINE”¬†which assures 100% accuracy & consistency.


Other Services:

– Epoxy Crack Injection
– Carbon Fiber Retrofitting
– Roof and Floor Coatings
– Steel Works
– Tiling works
– Civil Works
– Vertical Construction


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