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TRIMAR CONSTRUCTION AND TRADING is an authorized dealer for top of the line PIONEER PRO ELASTOSEAL (Gray) Roof Sealants.


Pioneer Pro Elastoseal (Gray) is a single component, Toluene-Free, ready to use high grade general purpose elastomeric sealant formulated for superior weather proofing and sealing of various construction joints and roof holes. It is ideal for vertical applications and last longer than any other roof sealants.


PioneerPro  Elastoseal main characteristics are:

– easy to apply

– no need for spatula

– can directly seal holes with 1/2″ diameter

– very low shrinkage

– can be used even on damped surface

– will not crack or become chalked


Main Applications are:

– metal roofings, gutters, flashings (any metal roofings)

– PVC pipes

– Aircon Ducts


CURING TIME: Four (4) to Six (6) Days


TRIMAR CONSTRUCTION AND TRADING has ready stocks available like the:

– ELASTOSEAL PISIL pack (250G) priced at Php 114.50/pc

– ELASTOSEAL PISILITO pack priced at Php 49.75/pc


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