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TRIMAR Construction and Trading is a supplier for Accelerators for early curing of Concrete.


Timar has different acclerators for different curing stages of concrete for construction.


Jayconplast NR (Lignin based) – 14 to 21 days curing time

Jayconplast MR (Lignin based) – 7 to 14 days curing time

Jayconplast AHR (Lignin based) -3 to 7 days curing time

Jayconflow 300 (Polycarboxylated based) – 1 to 3 days curing time

Jayconflow 200 (Polycarboxylated based) – 4 to 7 days curing time

Jayconflow 100 (Polycarboxylated based) – 7 to 12 days curing time


All Accelerators manufactured by Trimar Construction and Trading are formulated in accordance with corresponding ASTM standards.


Mixing Ratio : 1/2 Liter by weight of cement


Please allow 2 to 4 days delivery within Cebu City and 6 to 8 days for out of town.



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