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CIRCA-SHINE Liquid Floor Hardener System
Circa-Shine is a liquid type, silicate-based, floor
hardener and sealer. The cured product forms a hard
wearing surface plus dust-proofing properties.
Circa-Shine can be used for old and new concrete floors. The application areas include car parks, warehouses, hardware depots, laboratories, and other related applications.

CIRCOAT Epoxy Coating Flooring System
A two component polyamide cured epoxy floor coating topcoat. A highly resistance to impact and abrasion. Resistant to splashes of petrol, mineral oils, vegetable and animal oils, but not to acids or strong solvents. Designed as a general maintenance coating and floor coating system where color and gloss retention is desired.

CIRCAFLEX Polyurethane Mortar Floor
This a 4 to 5 components standard and heavy duty polyurethane mortar flooring system. This is a solvent free, seamless and with matt-textured finish. It provides excellent resistance to chemical, sudden impact, abrasion and hot water steam. It has very good resistance in thermal shock. Engineered for 3 to 9 mm thickness.


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