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TRIMAR CONSTRUCTION AND TRADING is a sub-distributor of TEJAS COBERT (Uralita) from Spain here in Cebu City.


MIXTA range – Clay Roof Tiles

CAZORLA Profile Series.


COBERT Roof Tiles which combines perfectly design and functionality, resulting in a suitable product for the roofing construction in any geographical spot. easy assembly and available in a wide variety of colors.



– Fire Resistant

– Very Low Absorption

– Very Low Permeability

– High Flexural Strength


Available in various colors: Flamed, Brown, Ochre Sand, Platea, Red, Rustic, Old Sand, Masia.


Technical Specifications:

Actual Length = 460mm

Actual Width = 286mm

Weight = 3.7 kgs.

Number of Tiles to cover 1 sq. m. = 10.5 pcs

Weight of Tiles per sq. m. = 38.85 kgs.




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