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by Data Center Design Corporation

Supply & Installation package

*for offices, casinos, server rooms/data centers, computer rooms, auditoriums, etc.

Available in Bare steel panels & HPL anti-static vinyl panels (600x600mm, concrete core, steel casing), bare concrete panels (500x500mm), from 100mm to 1.5m floor heights, in different loading capacities.
Also available: Perforated Panels, panel lifters, steel ramps w/ rubber tile finish

Please send your inquiries thru pm with your full name, company & contact details so we can send you the quotation. Contact me at 0922-8173598.
Or email me at

*Also available: Liebert Precision Air Conditioning (PACU), Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) & Batteries, Server Cabinets/Racks, Temperature/humidity sensors and other monitoring devices, AEROCOM Pneumatic Tube transport System (as seen in some hospitals)


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