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The new world of eco-friendly stainless steel product is coming that is led by DSP and its cutting-edge technology. DSP, since its outset in 1988 has constantly developed in the pursuit of customer satisfaction through making new stainless steel products and we are still and continually committing the best endeavors to make all DSP products the masterpiece. DSP has been producing a multitude of world best products based in our cutting edge high vacuum technology such as various Colored stainless steel sheets, Pipes, Handrails, Railings and Metal sheets ,Ceilings & Ceiling with LED, Swing Doors, Automatic & Revolving Doors that are equipped with both functionality and sleek design by organic and inorganic hybrid coating technology. What is more, we DSP also launched the high-end brands; INOXTEEL that is Titanium ion coated color stainless laminated sheet manufactured by ‘Roll to Roll system’ for high productivity with affordable price; INOXTA that is stainless steel tile with various designs and easy installation feature; VERNOX that is the world first super-thin stainless steel design sheet. We have maintained our reputation as a pioneer in the industry and supplied high-end architectural products both to the local and overseas market, we now are proud of present our products which are true innovation of our 26 years’ experience and technology. DSP will complete your projects at the level of quality and elegance you or your customers demand that differentiate from others. DSP who had only manufactured eco-friendly and non flammable materials was finally awarded for an American Green Guard Certification (GREENGUARD) in 2010 and selected as a global hidden champions from the Government of Korea in 2013 purely due to its high technical skills in handling stainless steel.

I have enclosed some of our past projects for your review. Please see attached files and visit our websites.

Please feel free to contact me at (632)998.0866 ;(632)478.8988;(63922)853.0082 / Ms. Ara
for additional questions you may have. We will be scheduling an appointment with you to discuss how we can be beneficial to your projects and company.


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