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The E&C Industrial Rubber Products is committed to become a leading reliable and affordable source of rubber products that contributes excellence standards.

* Elastomeric Bearing Pad * Silicon Rubber Sheets/Pad
* Laminated Elastomeric Bearing Pad * Compressible Pad
* Expansion Joint Filler * Rubber Dock Fender
* Multiflex Expansion Joint Filler * Rubber Bumper
* Pre-Moulded Expansion Joint Filler * Rubber Waterstop
* Rubber Strips * Rubber Sponge Fabrication
* Rubber Pad * Silicon Rubber Fabrrication
* Customized Rubber Fabrication

E&C INDUSTRIAL RUBBER PRODUCTS put all the effort in the improvement of our rubber products and services continuously. It will also help us in achieving our goals, and one of our goal is to maintain professional relationship to our clients.

Again E&C INDUSTRIAL RUBBER PRODUCTS is very thankful for giving us opportunity to be your leading supplier of RUBBER PRODUCTS. We are doing our best to gain your trust and looking forward to working closely with your good company.


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