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We are eDragon Power Builders, Inc.
We are driven by our ultimate goal of providing our customers with “Total Service Solutions” in project management. With this in mind, we are committed to operate under the discipline and control of a Quality Management System developed jointly by our top management, field engineers and project personnel, and conforming with International Standards ISO 9001:2008.
We aim to provide total quality management that translates to “100% customer satisfaction”.
We continuously seek to develop the skills and expertise of our people and instill in them the importance of quality service.
We are committed to the preservation of natural resources and the compliance with all government regulations and statutory requirements.
We are committed to deliver a safe and secure environment to all our employees, customers and customers’ goods at all times.`

eDragon Power Builders, Inc. (eDPB) focuses on customer services and value creation and our key objective in all sectors is to provide our customers with value-added results and delivering the projects on time with quality and on budget. eDPB can help you tighten timelines and reduce risks through a cycle focused planning and disciplined execution. We don’t develop a plan and walk away. We work with you shoulder to shoulder, integrating seamlessly into your organization while helping you stay on top of your projects every step of the way.


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