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Direct Manufacturer and Supplier of Customized Rubber Molded Products.

Pioneering the rubber industry for 20 years in the service, nationwide. Guaranteed AFFORDABLE while not compromising the QUALITY.

We manufacture all kinds of rubber depending on the specifications and dimension,drawings or layouts, hardness, as well as the quantity needed.


Bridge flexibility is achieved by, among other things, a component called a bridge elastomeric bearing pad. Elastomeric bearing pads are typically made of a strong and pliable material (e.g., neoprene). These pads are placed in between superstructures such as the bridge beam and substructures such as the vertical supports called piers. Their function is to transmit and distribute superstructure loads to the substructure and permit the superstructure to undergo necessary movements (compression, shear, and rotation) without developing any harmful overstress that might compromise the structural integrity of the bridge. In an extreme case, when the structural integrity of the bridge is compromised, the bridge could collapse.

Preventing collapse is not the only function of elastomeric bearing pads. The pads extend the life of bridges by reducing wear and tear on bridge materials — much like shoes allow human beings to walk longer distances; hence, the pads help governments save money by delaying the replacement of bridges.

Elastomeric (Bridge) Bearing Pads
Rubber Pads
Rubber Joint Fillers
Rubber Wheel Chocks
Rubber Column Guards
Rubber Dock Fender or Loading Bay Bumpers
Rubber Bumpers
Rubber Strips or Weather Strips
Rubber Seals for Doors and Windows
Rubber Mattings
Rubber Bushings
EXTRUDED Rubber Products
All Kinds of Rubber Gaskets (CUSTOMIZED)
Silicone Rubber Products (Food-Grade)

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