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Now in the Philippines – Hotel Smart Card Door Locks. For more information, you can PM your Mobile number for a complete details and services. We provide 1 year local product warranty. Your security is our mission.
The comfort of smart door lock
Comfort is a multiple decision criteria to customer satisfaction, and smart door lock products have done well that, specific:
– Easy to set up and change the access code
– No need to use the key, from worry about losing keys
– Simple key manipulation, automatic, the unlock is also very easy to learn
– Using advanced technology, check, direct control over data storage system of locks
– Luxurious design, diversity, always keep flair
Security features of the smart door lock
Not only equipped with eye-catching appearance, the smart lock is also equipped with the advanced security technology, enables users to always feel more secure when out of the house:
– New material, more durable and corrosion resistant Good
– There are alarms with lights or sounds when detecting unauthorized access
– Doors lock automatically when the door is closed
– The unlock method diversity, can not copy the key
– Operating its own independent power source
The intelligent door locks are fitted with high quality battery separately, time can use from 6-12 straight. If the battery is about to deplete, LED will light on the lock body to let homeowners know that replacement.


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