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Energynet, Inc.’s flagship is of electrical and metal framing, cable support systems, grounding, direct strike lightning, surge and transient protection equipment. It is the leading supplier to the construction of oil & gas, petrochemical, power generation utilities, industrial and commercial projects in the Philippines


 Metal Framing System
 Pipe Supports
 Fittings, Nuts & Hardware
 Cable Ladder & tray
 Channels
 Clamps & Accessories

Lightning Protection International Pty Ltd (LPI)®
 Stormaster & Guardian Lightning Protection Devices
 Grounding System
 Exothermic Welding Process

GE® Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)

GE® Surge Protective Devices

Ortea® Voltage Stabilisers (AVR)

Borri® Industrial Systems
 RCB.e Compact Rectifier Battery Charger
 RTB.e Rectifier Battery Charger
 IMB.e / ITB.e Series 1-phase & 3-phase Inverters
 E2001.e Series UPS

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