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We provide Epoxy Flooring services for all your needs.
Epoxy,-Methacrylate and Polyurethane Flooring Systems
We are manufactur of all our products ( MADE IN SPAIN) since more then 50 years.

Our assurance of Total Quality in all our work and products is based on:

Ensuring that we identify and fulfil the specifications and requirements of every customer.
Providing our customers with an ongoing programme of training and advice.
Ensuring that our staff maintain the highest levels of technical expertise and know-how through continuous training.
Supplying quality products that combine innovation and guaranteed results.
Ensuring compliance with all statutory and regulatory requirements.
Continuously improving our Quality Management System by identifying and resolving any non-conformities and complaints.
Taking care of the environment and preventing pollution, searching for innovative solutions and improving the effectiveness and efficiency of our processes.


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