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Gerboudenviro® Public Health is a consultative problem solving with opportunity to sell a broad spectrum of environmentally friendly and safety services.

Gerboudenviro® Public Health was established on February 20, 2011. Based in the Philippines, managed and operated by highly skilled and experienced professionals dedicated to provide “Quality Pest Management Services” throughout the country. The company uses the latest technology in the industry specializes in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) which an approach that combines all available methods of preventing pests in a given environment. The company is now servicing hundreds of clients all across the country.

As the initiative of Gerboudenviro® Public Health, the company open their branch located in Pangasinan Northern part of Luzon, as a response to increasing growth demand and diversity in the market which become priority requirements to our customers with regards to health and safety. We offer innovative pest management solutions designed to fit your lifestyle. Through our knowledge and skills, we able to restore comfort and safety to customers’ homes and businesses, protect their investment and give them complete peace of mind.

Take pride in our workmanship and ability to resolve the toughest pest management challenges which provides complete solutions to Industrial, Commercial, Schools, Healthcare, Residential and Hospitality sectors using Public Health Pesticides conforming to standards of World Health Organization (WHO), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Bureau of Food and Drug (BFAD) and Local Municipality Requirements. We are a registered member in National Committee on Urban Pest Control (NCUPC) and Philippine Government Electronic Procurement System (PHILGEPS).

Gerboudenviro® Public Health sets itself apart from other pest control company’s through its commitment to customer service and integrity. Our objective is simple “We always ensure the quality of service and total customer satisfaction and meet customer’s expectations at every opportunity”. One of the things that make us stand out from others is that, we’re always looking for smarter ways to manage your pests.

We look forward to lead and take part in protecting your health and property for disease carrying and structural damaging pests. Our reputation, commitment to service excellence and competitive rates, make our company THE RIGHT CHOICE FOR YOU!


Gerboudenviro® Public Health will continually strive for a commitment through excellence customer service. We believe in delivering such “Quality Service” to our customers with utmost respect, trust and integrity. The development and growth of our employees both of which will be achieved through responsible management at all levels, continuing education and community involvement.


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