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Supplier of Aggregates and Quarry Materials

Sands S1 (0-6 mm) – Fine aggregates from crushed rocks used as structural beddings, pavement, seal coat, fairways amd very vital ingredients in all concrete and asphalt mixes.

Gravel G1 ( 20mm- 40mm) – Used in concrete pavement , massive foundation , granules bedding / filler and for asphalt, concrete mix with courser design specification.

Gravel 3/8 (6mm – 10mm) – Used in High Strengt concrete mixes ussually for density reinforce structure, pre-stress/ pre-cast products and for asphalt weary and surface cources.

Gravel 3/4 (10mm-20mm) – The basic size for structural concrete mixes , pre-stress or pre-cast concrete products and asphalt concrete mixes.

Base Course – Mixed crushed aggregates

Filling Materials.


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