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H & A Designs Unlimited is a Furnishing Company hat supplies home & office FURNITURE requirements. Most of the fabrics and mechanisms come from Taiwan, while the some are from Germany. Trendy designs are inspired from places all over the world such as Italy, other European Countries, and from different places, both Western and Eastern Continents. Ofcourse, it also caters native designs from the Philippines. Not only does it supply ready-made furniture. H & A also specializes made-to-order furniture based on your requirements and specification, at your very own design.

Quality Products:

– Home and Office Furniture
– Home and Office Decors
– Novelty and Promotional Items
– Japanese Hand-made ceramics

Professional Services:

– Architectural Services
– Interior / Exterior Design
– Space Planning
– Construction / Carpentry Services
– Signage Fabrication and Installation


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