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HEATGARD is a two-component insulation consisting of a dry treated fire-retardant wood fiber combined with a special adhesive. Most HEATGARD insulation products are designed to be spray-applied to surfaces including but not limited to wood, metal, concrete, brick, granite, drywall, glass and polyurethane foam.

All HEATGARD spray insulation products are manufactured from fibered sulfate wood pulps, HEATGARD insulation is a proven, superior product that can be used wherever TEMPERATURE, SOUND or CONDENSATION control is needed on ceiling or walls, exposed or unexposed.

The R-Value of HEATGARD per inch will vary and is determined by the applied spray thickness, For specific information on R-Values please contact our office at (02) 584-6070

HEATGARD when correctly applied, will absorb up to 75% of the sound in a room, caused by the reverberations from hard surfaces such as walls, ceilings and floors. As test reveals, HEATGARD can favorably alter sound absorption properties over a broad frequency range. Because of its absorption characteristics and its near elimination of sound build-up, HEATGARD can create a favorable acoustical climate out of a potentially noisy one.

HEATGARD is used in commercial, industrial, and residential applications where superior insulation is needed wherever temperature and sound control is needed on ceiling and walls, exposed or unexposed. Loose fill applications is strictly limited for blowing applications in attics and walls. Loose fill is not to be applied in wet spray applications with either water or HEATGARD adhesive.

HEATGARD is a first class fire retardant building material that is odorless and non-toxic.


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