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We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our company. We are Alpha Advantage Interior Surfacing Trading Corp. The company offers products and services ranging from an assortment of Laminates, exterior to interior wall accent, ceiling to flooring alternatives, synthetic solid surfacing for countertops, phenolic boards for toilet partitions, and hardware’ss.
Our product includes;

Merino High Pressure Laminates
o General Purpose Laminates
o MRTUFF+ Gloss Laminate
o UNI+ Laminates
o Flex Post Forming Laminates
o Metal foil Laminates)
Merino Performance Laminates
o Fire Retardant Laminates
o Electrostatic Dissipative Laminates
o Lab Grade Chemical Resistant Laminates
o Anti Bacterial Laminates)
Compact Laminates
o Compact Sheets/Phenolic Boards
o Chem+ Lab Grade Chemical Resistant Boards
o External Wall Cladding (EWC)
o Internal Wall Cladding (IWC)
Write Ons
o Marker/Graph Board
o Chalk Board
o Klasay Erasable Projection Board)
STOVEN (Stone Veneer)
Gloss Meister (High Gloss PU+ Panels)

We believe we can provide “Options and Solutions to your requirements and we can be your One-Stop Shop for your projects”.

Keyien B. Poblete
Account Executive
(02) 616 – 2956
0917 544 2004


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