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Our goal is to provide total washroom and cleaning essentials which will not only promote hygiene, but also to improve workplace while keeping in mind the responsibility to protect our environment by providing eco-friendly products and chemical solutions.

Our products:
– hand dryers
– floor mats
– air freshener
– hand soap
– hand sanitizer
– toilet bowl cleaner & sanitizer
– tissue paper
– diaper changing table
– garbage bins
– garbage bags
– glue board insect traps

At present, Hospeco Philippines Inc. is the most preferred provider in the industry. We have a fast growing client’s list from high-end corporate offices, malls, hotels, restaurants and other industries as patrons of our utmost loyal service. we will always make sure to improve nothing but the best for our clients.

So when you think of hygiene, washroom and cleaning essentials, think of Hospeco.


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