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K’NEX was founded in later part of the year 2014, by architects and businessmen whose mission is to produce custom designed cabinets that would meet the functional demands of modern living. This mission is to be achieved while striving to create an experience born and maintained through communication and professional interaction with the client. Over the course of our journey, K’NEX has managed to solidify itself as a strong competitor for modern contemporary cabinetries in the province of Cebu. With this, K’NEX clients can be assured of designs that will not only boast aesthetic appeal but also proportionality, ergonomics, relational interaction, functionality and going above and beyond each client’s expectations.

Today, K’NEX focuses on the development of its core competitive advantage which is producing functional products with high standards. This simply means that K’NEX Modules are fully equipped, not only in terms of the design layout, but also in ensuring that the users’ experience is enhanced and not hindered. That every cabinet has been thought through and all internal inserts needed to make the space functional, included. Furthermore, in order to ensure modern classy design, all raw materials are sourced internationally and manufactured locally. This enables K’NEX to determine the best possible use of each new material launched internationally. A coordinated approach from the briefing and design phase right through to the installation phase, helps to ensure customized, relational and ultimately functional solutions, product and workmanship. These guarantees are combined with professional communication interaction, assuring a return on investment and an overall hassle-free experience for every K’NEX client.


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