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Adhesive product for easy DIY interior decoration!
Upgraded adhesive cushion brick!!
(100CM X 100CM X 1CM)
Renovate your old room using this pretty perfect made in Korea foam bricks that could make your wall LOOK good as new! Available in six colors! Wooden pink, Marble red brown, Marble Ivory, Marble Gray, Marble Mint and White Pearl.
We are the only AUTHORIZED Distributor of MADE IN KOREA Zaidi Foam Bricks in the Philippines. What are you waiting for? order now!

Size: 100cm x 100cm
Thickness: 1cm

Product features
✔️ Realistic Cushion Brick Wallpaper
with three-dimensional effect!
✔️ Easy to remove the stains with a wet cloth after building.
 ✔️This 10mm thickness product with thermal-insulation, soundproof, shockproof function is a strengthened functional product unlike other products.
 chSticker type, easy-to-put up product
✔️ Convenient interior designing that you can do
by yourself.
 ✔️Free from 6 kinds of harmful components certified safe product that has passed the detection test for the 6 harmful components and organic compounds. Feel safe to use at home.
✔️ Can be used for any places, the ugly wall with kids’ graffiti at home, office, play room, and so on.
✔️ It is a three dimensional decorative soft foam
Child Friendly
✔️ Creates safe space for children and anti-collision for children perfect for their play room.
✔️ Hassle free installation with flexible design
 Simply detach the liner on the back and attach it on the wall or any surface where you want it to attach in no time and perfect for DIY because allows you to cut your desired pattern and design easily.
✔️ Anti-Bacterial
 Has aluminum foil layer on the back that suppresses moisture and condensation of mild dew for a cozy and clean interior space
✔️ For various types of surfaces
 It can be used on seven common types of surfaces such as painted wall, iron plate, tile, wood, cement, wallpaper and glass wall.
✔️ Perfect for home entertainment room with its noise prevention capabilities.


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