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The company offers products and services ranging from an assortment of Laminates (both indoor and outdoor applications), ceiling to flooring alternatives, Synthetic Solid Surfacing, phenolic boards, and hardwares, among others. It operates in business segments including Commercial, Institutional, and the residential markets. All our brands are globally accepted such as Formica and Merino. In addition, Alpha Advantage is the exclusive distributor for the Merino Brand.

Product Offers:

 Laminates  Merino Laminates  General Purpose Laminates  Flex post forming Laminates  Metal Lam Metal Foil Laminates  Chalk Boars  Marker Boards  Klassay Erasable Projection Boards  AB – Anti-Bacterial Laminate  MR – Tuff Glass Laminate  FR – Fire Retardant Laminate  ESD – Electrostatic Dissipative Laminate  CHEM – (Lab Grad) Laminate  Merino-Besco Rest room Cubilcles  Wall Mounted System  Athena  Pd door  Ceiling Mounted System  Ceiling Hung  Floor Mounted


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