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The purpose of a roof is to protect people and their assets. In over 100 countries across the world, ONDULINE® sheets perform this task efficiently- aesthetically pleasing, our sheets withstand all weather and climatic conditions. ONDULINE® sheets provide guaranteed water proofing to buildings and enhance the beauty of the building through their wide range of long lasting colours. Furthermore, Onduline sheets are easy to install and withstand wind speeds up to 192 kmph.

ONDULINE® sheets offer the following benefits:
* Excellent waterproofing characteristics
* Can be used in extreme climatic conditions
* High insulation and sound absorbency values
* Resistant to corrosion-does not rust, rot or become brittle
* Light weight- 6.4kg per sheet of 1.9m2 area
* Can withstand wind speeds up to 192km/hr.
* Does not break during transportation and installation
* Available in a range of environmentally sensitive colours.
* Excellent colour retention
* Requires minimum maintenance
* Contains no hazardous chemicals
* 100% no Rust

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