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We provide professional services on Concrete Polishing.

Polished Concrete is the newest technology use in any residential, commercial, and industrial flooring solutions.

We turn new or old concrete into a better looking and improved surface.

The concrete polishing technology has long been use in the United States and Europe – and now being adapted by many Asian countries including Philippine architects.

Concrete polishing is a process of concrete surface preparation, grinding, honing, and polishing. With our use of environment-friendly and VOC-free organic chemicals, we apply surface treatment which turns ordinary concrete floor into impact and abrasion resistant floor.

More than just a polished concrete, we turn concrete floors into a water and oil repellant surface thus leaving concrete floors free from external contaminants and shiny.

This straight-forward process turns an ordinary concrete into a marble-look or granite feel surface but needs lesser time to maintain or repair unlike real marble or granite.

The catch: polished concrete cost less and does not require expensive repair compared to tiles, marble, or granite.

1. Polished concrete makes floor virtually Dust-Free.
2. Polished concrete increases the concrete floor’s abrasion resistance.
3. Polished concrete makes concrete floor water and oil-repellant.
4. Polished concrete is low-cost than installation price (labor & materials) of tiles, marble, terrazzo or granite.
5. Polished concrete is low maintenance and repair cost than the other materials described in item 4.

The Price:
Price will depend on the size of project and the current condition of surface. As there are several types of customizable finish and choices of chemical that can be possibly applied to the surface, there is a need to discuss first the requirement of cilents. This is the best pricing approach we have seen in order that our customer would get a fair pricing: not overpriced.

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