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Polymer International was incorporated in 1989 in Singapore. Starting off as an applicator of floor and wall coatings of the building and marine industries, we have since concentrated our efforts on epoxy floor systems for industrial floors and vinyl ester lining systems and corrosion and waterproofing systems for concrete and metal roofs servicing manufacturing facilities, commercial and residential buildings, institutions and municipals and oil and gas installations.

Polymer Applications Technology, a subsidiary of Polymer International is active for more than 20 years and established in China, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore with a manufacturing base in Malaysia and currently opened a new branch in the Philippines. To date we have installed epoxy floors for overseas jobs in North Korea, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Mauritius, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, China and Indonesia.

Turnkey Installation – Every Polygard™ System is manufactured in house and installed by our experienced crew using high tech state-of-the-art application equipment in the shortest time possible. This will enable to reduce downtime ensuring customer satisfaction from start to finish. Unlike most competitors who buy materials from other sources and use subcontractors, which often leads to many ‘grey areas’.

At Polymer International, nothing is left to chance because everything is done in-house. If we installed it, we stand by it 100%.

We offer a variety of heavy-duty floorings, coatings and grouts to handle virtually any physical or chemical abuse found in industry today. High performance industrial floor products are used in almost every industrial facility with widespread applications in :

Chemical Processing Facilities
Pulp and Paper Plants
Waste Water Treatment Plants
Food and Beverage Facilities
Laboratories & Workshops

Our POLYGARD™ V-Deck System – promises durability and elasticity coupled with unique application techniques, delivering maximum protection from the most punishing physical abuses. Apart from outstanding resistance to abrasion, its flexibility allows bridging of hairline cracks, thus providing a watertight surface.

POLYGARD™ V-Deck System is ideal for :

• Shorter braking distance for dry and wet conditions.
• Reduces screeching noises at turning areas
• Skid resistance for hard cornering areas and ramps
• Easy cleaning and maintenance improves brightness & reduce energy cost
• Enhances aesthetics from wide range of colors


1. Single Source Responsibility

• All POLYGARD™ epoxy systems are manufactured in-house.
• All equipments and machineries are fully owned by us.
• All POLYGARD™ floor systems are installed by our professionally trained full time, in -house crews.

2. Touch Up Kits
Upon completion of job, we supply touch up kits at no charge for minor repairs.

3. Training
We will train at no charge, your maintenance personnel on all aspects of maintenance of POLYGARD™ epoxy floor system.

4. Round The Clock
Guaranteed response 24 hours to all your flooring needs.

5. FloorCare Maintenance Program

• A periodic 6 monthly floor inspection upon installation of epoxy floor … Absolutely free
• Touch up and floor repairs for damaged areas.
• Recoat or resurfacing of existing floor where necessary.
• A periodic monthly/bi-monthly/quarterly degreasing and application of water-based clear sealer finish onto epoxy floor.

6. Warranty
• Warranty on materials defects and workmanship is covered directly by us.
• Defects due to rising dampness and hydrostatic pressure (moisture) are not included in our warranty.

7. Complementary Products To Suit Every Need

• Heavy Duty epoxy mortars • Monolithic self-levelling epoxy topping
• Self-levelling epoxy toppings • Broadcast systems
• Polyurethane mortars • Chemical resistant toppings & linings
• Static Dissipative & Conductive Coatings
• Thin film coatings
• Damp proof System • Water-borne epoxy coatings

Car Park
• V-Deck System – For car lots, driveway and ramps



At Polymer Applications, our services do not end after floor Installation.
The FloorCare® Maintenance Program is set up in our continuous effort to serve customers like you, in an increasing fast pace business world, to help keep the finished floor in tip top condition.

Maintenance personnel should be trained to repair and maintain the epoxy system, since from time to time, some physical damage may occur that will require maintenance work. Under creep from small damage spots could result in large areas failure if the systems is not continually maintained.

Periodic Coating Inspection

Coating Inspection by our certified coating inspectors is necessary at regular interval to ensure that your protective coating systems are properly installed and in compliance with the specifications, you can realize the full design service life, and minimized repairs and maintenance throughout service life, Premature failures are extremely costly.

Floor Care Maintenance

Any coating maintenance program should be accompanied by an education program to teach all facility personnel to protect the coating system from unnecessary damage. For example personnel can be instructed to avoid dragging drums, chains, pipes and other objects across the floor, Other preventive measures include placing mats in areas exposed to frequent impact from falling objects; repairing faulty equipment, such as leaking steam lines, which may damage the coatings or affect their aesthetics; and cleaning up spills as soon as possible. Avoidable operating conditions that may damage the coating system should also be addressed.

Regular maintenance of finished epoxy floor by means of scrubbing with detergent followed by sealer-finish will provide a crystal clear film that enhances the original appearance of floors without discoloring it. This will greatly reduce the overall cost per year of your protective coating system.

We take pride in providing the best after sales services and support. Our experienced and dedicated staffs are ready to meet your requirements at all times.


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