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Floor covering: homogeneous vinyl tiles and sheet branded as APO Vinyl tiles and sheet branded as APO Vinyl Quartz Tiles/Sheet
/ Apo Vinyl Quartz Tiles/Sheet-Premium 2000 / Atlas Vinyl Tiles: (Tile size – 300 mm x 30mm and 5ft. wide x 45ft. wide x 45 ft. long) / Exclusive distributor of Hanwha Carpet Tiles / Gold Tiles and Gold Wood Tiles (tile size –500 mm x 500 mm 9mm; 450 mm x 3 mm; 100 mm x 3mm respectively / Flooring adsehive / acrylic water-based flooring adhesive branded as APO-Powerbond Acrylic Adhesive. / The first acrylic adhesive manufactured in Southeast Asia.


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