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Overview on our Services:

1. Heavy Equipment Repair

We can perform diesel or gas engine repair, fuel system service, hydraulic repair, air compressor repair, host and fittings and other repairs. We can repair items needing welding also.

2. Hydraulic System Repair

We can repair all your hydraulic equipment from seal replacement and testing to the complete rebuilding of cylinders, pumps, valves and rams.
We provide on-site repair for the hydraulic systems in your heavy equipment.

3. Electrical System Repair

Electric system repairs for your heavy equipment include items such as lighting, accessories, starting, charging, instrumentation, and gauges.
Electrical system issues can be difficult to diagnose.
Our experienced heavy equipment mechanic can identify, repair and test electrical circuits and components. This results in getting your equipment back in service more quickly with less downtime costs for you.

4. Electronic Control Unit (ECU) Repair

We provide a complete range of hydraulic electronic control system services utilizing state of the art techniques and equipment. We can save you the time and money by testing your ECU before spending on costly diagnostic labor and sensors.

5. Mechanical System Repair

Our fully qualified heavy equipment mechanics can diagnose trouble, disassemble and repair of mechanical system of your heavy equipment. This results in getting your equipment back in service more quickly with less downtime costs for you.

6. Diesel Engine Repair

Diesel engine repairs for heavy equipment require specialized tools and specialized knowledge. Choosing the right heavy equipment mechanic for your repairs may mean the difference between a quick repair and a repair that leaves you with a long downtime. It can also mean the difference between running smoothly after the repair and having frequently recurring problems due to an improper repair.
On-site service is provided.

7. Fuel System Repair

Fuel systems are composed of multiple parts and any one of these can cause a problem requiring fuel system service.
If you are having problems with your equipment not starting, knocking or vibrating excessively, lacking in power, smoking excessively, operating erratically or loosing fuel than you may need fuel system repair.
Our experienced heavy equipment mechanics can help you with fuel injector maintenance, fuel system service or repair, diesel pump repair, fuel system maintenance, fuel pump maintenance and other issues related to the fuel system on your heavy equipment.
Service can be provided on-site.

8. Engine Re-building/Overhauling

Engines and component parts are completely disassembled, thoroughly cleaned, machined, and carefully inspected. New parts are used to replace worn components.
Our rebuild process meets and exceeds the factory original engine specifications. Finished rebuilt engines are fully tested.

9. Preventive Maintenance

Maintenance is more important than ever for heavy equipments. In addition, maintenance can maximize the service life and minimize the operating costs of the equipment.
A preventive maintenance program is cost-effective because it can help you to reduce repair costs, minimize downtime, avoid other damage and avoid costs. With a regular maintenance program you will also see savings due to better machine performance and longer component life.
If you don’t have the time or personnel to conduct regular maintenance on your heavy equipments and machineries, call RONOH Industrial Equipment Repair Services today and let us take care of them for you before you need expensive repairs.

Diagnostics Report

We can provide your business with a complete diagnosis of any faulty or malfunctioning heavy equipment.

We have extensive knowledge and experience of all kinds and major brands of heavy equipments like those mentioned above.

Upon completion, we can provide you with a comprehensive report on the status of your equipment including recommendations of action and costs of how to resolve your issues and maintain them for optimum efficiency.

You deserve to have a company you can rely on for great repair and maintenance service. You should have someone protecting your investment that has experienced mechanics, great service and good prices.
RONOH Industrial Equipment Repair Services will watch your back. We understand the investment your company has made in the equipment and what it takes to keep it going.
Our goal is to give you “Peace of Mind” with our quality and timely service.
The next time you have a piece of equipment down and you need good prompt service, call RONOH Industrial Equipment Repair Services and see for yourself how we take care of you and your equipment.
Give us a call now so you’ll know that RONOH Industrial Equipment Repair Services, indeed, is “Empowered to Re-build”.

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