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Our organization is a private sector of the Korean Government, and mandated to promote business, investment and trade between South Korea and the Philippines.

In this regards, we would like to introduce to you the SKC Window Film, product of SKC, a leading company in film and chemical materials business in South Korea. SKC strives to satisfy customers in its objective of supplying the world’s top films.

Based on Various types of film-manufacturing technologies and highly functional optical film technologies that have been accumulated over 30-year period, SKC has began producing a new window film; the ultra-clear (optical grade transparent) window film. SKC’s window film is highly recognized on its unbeatable hard coating technology (scratch-resistant coating), clarity, and high durability. SKC provides the best products.

Clear Security Film : ( Thickness – 2mil, 4mil, 7mil, 12mil )

1. Clear Film with Shatter-proof on External Impact and Bullet-proof
2. Increase Personal Safety from Glass Breakage
3. Deter Smash and Grab Burglaries
4. Protection against Break-ins, bomb blasts, natural disasters
5. 99% UV Rejection, Optical Grade Film

You may reach us at telephone numbers (02) 634-6455 to place your order and other inquiries.


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