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“CELUKA BOARD” serves as the alternative for all types of plywood and boards. This kind of board was used in advertising, furniture making, form works in construction application or even in home construction. Sapacific Manufacturing is the first company to manufacture and supply this board here in our country. Sapacific was established last January 2017. Its objective is to introduce new products that can be used in various type of construction.

CELUKA BOARD has many characteristics namely the following;

1. Solid and Flexible

2. Termites and Pest Proof

3. Excellent Heat and Noise Insulation

4. Paintable, Printable, and Washable

5. Water Proof and Fire Resistance

6. High Impact and Structural Strength

7. Hard, Smooth and Glossy Surface

8. Extremely Low Maintenance

9. Non Toxic and Recyclable (Eco-Friendly)

10. Excellent Resistance to Most Chemicals

11. Interior and Exterior Applications

12. Long Term Used (up to 30 times)

13. NO Special Tools Needed

14. Can Apply in Lamination

15. Mallable

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