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Supplier of High Gloss Acrylic Panel for
Kitchen Cabinets | Sliding Wardrobe | Feature Wall | Room Door |

High Gloss Acrylic Panel for Kitchen Cabinets | Sliding Wardrobe | Feature Wall | Interior Room Doors

Sunyu Phil. Inc. is established last August 2013 as first High Gloss Acrylic Panel distributor of Eligere products in the Philippines having the capacity to cut and deliver custom sizes for customer convenience. Sunyu Singapore as Head Office, it supports Sunyu Philippines for supplying Quality products under the Eligere brand of Architectural panels. Sunyu Singapore, having known to provide Eligere High gloss panels, established the Sunyu Philippines to expand its operation in Asia that helps provide the Architectural Millwork Industry of the Philippines not only innovative products but as well as technical know how to uplift the quality of existing Filipino designs to more of innovative designs based on international standards.

Sunyu Philippines is also in line with LEED and also uses the AWI Standard which is widely acceptable for Architectural Millwork.

Sunyu Philippines innovative products are not only to provide Eligere High Gloss Acrylic Panels but as well as the First Ever Veneglas Thin Slab Decorative Tile which is again the first in the Philippine Market.

In Asia, Sunyu has been known to provide quality products in several known High-end projects such as The bungalows in Sentosa, the high rise building in Malaysia. In the Philippines, Sunyu already started to provide its Eligere panels to both Kitchen/Modular cabinet manufacturers and to some well-known Architects and Interior designers. Eligere High gloss acrylic panels have gained its reputation for its “Seamless” edge that only a special “modified” machine can do. More and more Architects, builders as well as Interior designers have been specifying our products to meet the high quality demand of their high-end customers. Eligere products, as its advantage to other High gloss acrylic panels, are made of high quality acrylic sheets from Italy and use Combination Fiber Core as substrate. For the Veneglas products, Sunyu Philippines offers the First ever Veneglas Thin slab Decorative Tile that is a good alternative for natural stone. The Perfect Stone look finish does not affect the aesthetic look of a real natural stone but help cut costs in terms of ease in handling and installation. Price wise, being market as cheaper than natural stone, Veneglas is made of Calcium Silicate Substrate which has a purpose of being fire proof under the test standard of CNS-14075 of Combustion Testing. The top surface is coated with Solar Grade Film and Polycarbonate that make its surface hard enough to be applied for various applications in Architectural Millwork. Veneglas is a very good alternative for both natural stone look and Ceramic Tile

For further technical informations on our products, please feel free to contact our office at #925-7962 or at Sun #0923-224-0647/ Globe #0906-275-1804 / Smart #0929-174-0702 / Talk&Talk #0930-9225741/ TouchMobile #0916-923-7406 and look for Richard V. Forlanda, Account Executive of Sunyu Philippines, Inc.


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