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*Commercial and Residential Air Conditioner (AC) Repair

All makes and models of heating, air conditioning and commercial refrigeration systems.
Computer and Telephone room air conditioning systems repair.
Make recommendations for proper system operation.
Explain repair, options and price to inform the customer of the benefits of long term and short term repairs.
Duct Cleaning, repair and modification (leaking and deteriorating).
Authorized warranty repair center for most major brands.
Reclaim and recycle refrigerants.
System Cleaning.


Replacement of heating and air conditioning systems.
Remove and dispose of existing equipment.
Refrigerant line replacement.
All work performed in accordance with existing codes.
Provide all required permits.
Air duct replacement and modification.
Emergency same day installation, on new systems.

*Indoor Air Quality

Offer several types of indoor air quality products.
Air Purifiers – Remove all airborne dust particles.
Whole House Air Cleaners.
HEPA filter.
Ultra Violet Air Sanitizing systems.
Reduce and destroy bio-containments.
Removal of mold and mildew from system and ducts.

*Rental of Portable A/C
Provide temporary air conditioning while systems is inoperable.
Available for outdoor functions.


Replacement of air filter(s).
Coil and system cleaning.
Recommend parts upgrade.
Provide maintenance agreement.
Check all parts for proper function.


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