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WINBLAST RESOURCES CORP. is your Source for quality and innovative Products for steel and Concrete that provide Corrosion Protection for Steel and Concrete Structures. Winblast Management has more than 40-Years of Expertise in protecting Steel and Concrete using products that stop Corrosion and Concrete Destruction due to Water Ingress.
WINBLAST RESOURCES CORP. also provide an environmental-friendly and most effective Abrasive “GMA Garnet” from GMA Australia, the World’ Leading Supplier of blasting abrasives for the surface Preparation work of Steel structures. As a support to the Surface preparation industry in the Philippines, Winblast also carry stocks of blasting & painting equipment, accessories, and other spares to enable Companies in this field to have immediate Stock support to eliminate, if not, costly Work Stoppages due to non-availability of these critical items.
WINBLAST, is committed to identify Innovative and cost effective Products manufactured by Foreign as well as Local Companies who can make contribute to the continuing Progress of Philippine Industries and Communities in the immediate future.


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