Tips for getting a good contractor

Tips on getting a construction supplier & what to avoid. Even before canvassing for an Engineer, Architect, Interior Designer or a building contractor, you should know exactly what you want. These will not only help the supplier or designer quote more accurately, but it will also give the impression you are in control of the project – not the supplier. Designers and construction suppliers normally have large contingency and sometimes, way too large that you can actually save as much as 30% if you know what you want.

Ask yourself the following: 1. What is your time-frame? 2. Make a list of specific things you want (Cut and paste pictures from magazines of things you want in your construction) 3. Set a maximum budget and a contingency fund (If you have set your maximum budget, you may declare this amount to the contractor less 30%, as your buffer or contingency fund should things go unplanned) 4. Make a rough sketch of your desired floor plan. 5. Witho…

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