Caution when closing a deal with your contractor

5 tips before you sign the contract So you’ve finally chosen your contractor. Truth is, most of us decide on a whim because we’re not expert on these things. We just trust and accept what people tell us. You can protect yourself by following these simple guidelines when awarding a project to a contractor.   1. Remain skeptic & ask weird questions. Yes, your contractor was referred to you by a close friend but you’re not the contractor’s friend. Truth is most of us don’t know much about repairs and we tend to trust the next person beside us. While most doesn’t have much option, it’s wise to pretend you know much and questions. If you are having a home renovation, do a little research on walls, paints and ask simple questions like “will gypsum board be better than hollow concrete?” You don’t have to be an expert, but you can pretend to be like one. A contractor will likely reconsider overpricing you if you appear you know what’s happening. 2. Act-out and st…
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