Repainting your home?

Choosing the right colors By Dianne Lee, Construction Philippines Homes need repainting at least every 5 years, not just to make it look new but also for protection from outside elements. Paints also help camouflage undesirable areas and the obvious reason is to make you happy. Remember that the house is where you live, and doing your part to make it perky helps you live a happier life – cost becomes irrelevant! Careful planning is important. However the first step is not choosing the right color but validating your objective. Here are practical tips you can consider… 1. Determine you priority If your primary reason is just to make your wall look pretty, the rest could be easy. Just choose the color and you’re set. However, one should consider that “protection” in the long run will save you money. Using elastomeric paint prevents outside moisture from seeping through the wall and damaging your inside paint within few months of exposure. It also bonds better to a well p…
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