How to Maintain Hardwood Floor

Want shiny wood floors? Wax is not always the solution By Adrian Andaya, Construction Philippines Disclaimer: This information specifically applies to hardwood flooring finished with polyurethane coating. This is NOT appropriate for the older wax-based finishes! While most will rely on commercial floor wax, in time, it actually diminishes the sheen on your floor. It also makes it course and antiquated in time. 1. Clean your floor both by sweeping and wiping. Never use abrasive cleaners such as sharp or rough objects. 2. Apply hardwood floor cleaner on a small section of the floor or directly onto a terry cloth wood floor mop. DO NOT WET WOODEN FLOOR. This may leave puddles of water that can leak down between the boards and cause the finish to expand or lift your wood. 3. Wipe flooring with dry mop, regardless if its solid planks, hardwood floor, synthetic wood or mahogany planks. What you should avoid 1. Hardwood floor (with polyurethane) should never use wax,…
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