Things to consider when buying old houses

Tips when buying used homes The Philippines is home to many antiquated and decrepit houses. Since it’s a tropical country, maintenance should be easy but out of ignorance and sheer negligence of many, we are left with about 70% of homes unknowingly condemned or technically unlivable. Most aren’t maintained so thorough investigation is a must when buying a previously occupied house. Consider the following before making your payment. Check electrical works Electrical wiring is the first thing you should check. If the house was built before World War II, its wiring is most probably naked to the wire. Those built after does not guarantee better wirings so you should bring along an electrician to check the wire’s condition and capacity. Wire gauge is important. Wires were cheaper before that’s why they can use thick gauges. Gauge standards during this time were above today’s standard. If the owners used below standard wires, chances are, the rest of the house may ha…
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