How to make your house cooler

Ventilating your home By Dianne Lee, Construction Philippines Summer in the Philippines can really be hot. Unless you have money to spend on electricity for air-conditioning, 3-months of summer can be very uncomfortable especially for infants. Generally a tropical house is built with large windows, awning and wind access on all four sides. However, urbanization has limited space thus limited ventilation as well. Worse, more and more Filipinos have lost the love for nature, particularly trees and gardens that naturally makes homes cooler and fresher. Studies show that 75% of the heat inside your home comes through the roof. This is specially true to about 90% of houses in the Philippines which are constructed using metal roofs with low ceiling. Unlike in the provinces, homes are usually cooler because homes are near trees and the use of “nipa” definitely cools the house. When the sun heats your roof, it radiates the heat energy into the house. In the evening, heat from…
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