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Each household should always be prepared in case of an emergency. An earthquake, flash flood or standoff can strike anywhere, anytime. We have seen this happen across the globe and it’s better to be prepared that sorry. Below are necessities you may consider stacking.

A “go-bag” is literary a bag full of disaster kit. This can be a large gym bag, backup or small luggage that is easy to carry or drag during an emergency. Ideally, each member of the family should have his/her go-bag. This can be kept in an easy to reach place, ideally at the ground level of your house.

Basic must haves:
Alcohol or Iodine
Radio – battery operated
Dust mask
Pocket knife
Permanent marker, paper and tape
Photos of family members and pets for re-identification purposes
Medical sheet that contains allergies or drug maintenance
Copy of health insurance and identification cards
Reading glass if applicable|
Thick polyester ropes

Water is essential for hydration, it’s needed to reconstitute freeze dried food, cook, and for basic hygiene. You may not always have direct access to clean water, thus you need to have a small bottle of hypochlorite liquid or better yet powder in case you need to use water that are not potable. Hypoclorite is the basic ingredients found in products like Zonrox or Clorox Bleach.  Instead of go-bag, you can also have a small drum where you can keep at least 2 5-gallons water or bottled water as emergency backup. Bottled water can be stored to as much as 3 years without expiring.

3. FOOD STOCK (you may choose or have all of the suggestions below)

Salt – Rock salt is important in our diet during emergencies. It can be used to preserve food or prevent dehydration.

Whole grains, rice or cereal – Properly stored grains will last even for decades.

Beans – Beans or legumes can last for a few years if sealed well. It’s not bulky to store but when boiled with water gives all the fill and nutrients you need to survive.

Dried Meat – You can also keep meats to compliment your beans. Dried or preserved meats (dried fish as best option) can last a long time as well if salted well. It’s also not bulky to keep and is very tasty once mixed with beans or rice.

Dried fruits – These usually are packed with sugar can be an easy source of energy during an emergency.

Powdered milk – If you have children in the family, you should have a can of milk handy in your go-bag or go-drum. It’s packed with nutrients and can be stored for as long as 3 years.

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